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Rochester Teachers Care Project

RTA is in the process of launching a series of weekly videos to be shared with teachers that show Rochester Teachers Care. Our goal is to promote positive happenings with all members in all units of the RTA, sharing stories of teachers who are doing extraordinary things with students, their families, or the community.   We need everyone’s help!

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The RPO and RTA are partnering together to give you 20% off these great concerts

in March and April 2017!

Our first event with the RPO was a huge success!   So the RTA and the RPO are partnering again to offer you a 20% discount on 3 great concerts in March and April.  

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Here’s an update on several important and timely issues:

  1. PD Impact Bargaining

  2. Support Visits to Schools

  3. Resolution In Support of All Our Sudents

  4. Sabbaticals

  5. Absentee Reduction Plan

  6. Support United Way and Dial-a-Teacher

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