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This Rochester Teachers Care video proves what we already know: that retired Rochester teachers don’t stop caring about students - wherever they may be. Just watch what these Dress-A-Girl ambassadors of good will do. If you’d like to suggest deserving colleagues for future segments of Rochester Teachers Care videos, please contact Aimee Rinere or Matt Lavonas.

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Teachers concerned AHCA could hurt special education programs in school

"Adam Urbanski, president of the Rochester teacher's union, has been watching the American Health Care Act  (AHCA) closely. After passing the house, Urbanski worries that the bill's deep cuts to Medicaid could hurt the district, but more importantly he says, it could hurt its most defenseless students.

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Rochester Teachers Association


Rochester Red Wings Baseball Game

June 10, 2017

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City school budget nears $900 million; board approves SUNY Geneseo takeover of School 19

The Rochester school board has approved an $883 million budget for the 2017-2018 school year and a partnership agreement with SUNY Geneseo to manage School 19. All board members voted in favor of both initiatives at a special meeting last night. But some members were critical of the budget and the relationship with the college.

Why to Vote No on the Constitutional Convention

In the coming months we may be boarding an incarnation of the Titanic. Only this time we can see the iceberg both above and below the surface. This iceberg is the constitutional convention that will be voted on in November. With the political climate the way it is, the radical instability of the present administration, and the inflammatory presidential decrees already in progress, we are taking our future into our hands. And that future is not bright.

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